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Virginia, United States

HUGS HUGS and welcome to Chit Chat Challenge. At the moment I am a full-time history professor, mommy of two super energetic boys, and wife to an incredible
man. I started scrapbooking in the Fall of 2006. My family had taken a wonderful summer vacation to the Bahamas and I wanted to preserve our memories. When I found scrapbooking I was immediately hooked. I have always been a creative soul. I have enjoyed decorating our home, distressing furniture, and creating home
design projects. I have even dabbled in jewelry making.

My style is eclectic, without (perhaps beyond) description -- and I like it that way. I enjoy the creative process and I refuse to label it.

1. You're stuck at a crop and you have only 5 items, what do you absolutely have to have? I have to have some pretty patterned paper, paint, chipboard letters, adhesive,
and a really good pen.

2. Where do you get most of your "scrapbook" inspiration?
From my life. My mood, my boys, my husband, my home are all sources of inspiration for
me. I scrap out our where I am more than anything else it is my life that inspires my creativity.

3. What is your life mantra or favorite quote?
"I found God in myself and I loved her fiercely" Ntozake Shange
Oh...and I also like "God don't like ugly." I think I say that at least once a day.

4. What do you like the most about your own scrapbooking style?
That it is honest and true -- that it does not try to be what it is not, it just IS.

5. If you had to give one tip to a beginning scrapbooker, what would it be?
I believe in scrapping "the moment." Ali Edwards would like call it scrapping the everyday. Whatever you call it is fine, the most important thing is to do it. I meet women all of the time that say they are behind. I ask them how can that be? Scrapbooking is a
creative enterprise that should bring you joy and allow you to capture the wonderful and important moments in your life. Whatever you choose to scrap -- is all that you need to scrap. You can not get behind.
Do not make your hobby, your art, something on your "to do list." Just enjoy it! Just enjoy the creative journey!